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Valerie Watkins

Founder & CEO

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Valerie LaVerne Lawson-Watkins was born on July 9, 1956 in Kinston, NC to the parents of Daniel and Bertrina Lawson. She is the only daughter among 5 sons. Being a PK (pastor kid) her foundation was built on her mother’s teachings of biblical principles.
She was called into the ministry at the age of 17 in Bridgeport, CT as a Minister in 1973. She attended college in NJ majoring in Fashion Merchandising. She returned to CT to assist her brother, Bishop Lonnell I. Lawson Sr. in ministry and was ordained as an Evangelist at 22 under his ministry. She graduated from Bethel Bible Institute in 1978
with a degree in Biblical Studies. In 1980 she entered holy matrimony as a virgin, birthed 2 sons Alan Jr and Alton Harmon. The ministry that God has gifted her has allowed her to exhibit leadership, ownership, and collaboration.

–Two non-profits
–Evolve Enterprises, LLP
–Travorium Travel Ventures, Owner (Additional Stream of Income)
–President of the Board of Directors for Pilgrims’ Inn Women’s Shelter

April 12, 2013, Valerie Lawson became Mrs. Watkins, marrying Ronald Watkins. They reside in Clover, SC. October, 2014 in SC her 501-c3 nonprofit and “No Sad Story” book was established and published. She will forever carry on the legacy of her mother: Evangelist Bertrina Lawson, November 23, 1933 - December 7, 1996.

On April 8, 2020 a traumatic domestic violence experience birth another ministry “Cry Out 2 Get Out!” Unmasking the Mask of Domestic Violence! Sharekia Johnson (42) and Paul
Johnson Jr. (5) were living with the Watkin’s. Paul Johnson Sr. (her estrange husband) broke in, shot and killed his wife, son and committed suicide. Mrs. Watkins was able to escape without physical harm as she hid in her bedroom closet and dialed 911.
Certainly! Mrs. Watkins’ life journey is a testament to her passion for caring and bringing
hope to the hurting. In conclusion, Lady V is available for speaking engagements, presentations (HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence), One on One private coaching sessions and Business Consultation. Also, look for (Lady V Speaks) launch date coming soon.

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